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Hygiene/Cleaning Materials

We have been appointed the sole UK distributor for the PSA (France) range of aircraft hygiene, cleaning and maintenance materials. All products offered are environmentally friendly and CFC free, non-flammable and conform to stringent international regulations i.e. WTTO, Airbus etc.

Items from this range include:

  • Inflight Products
    • Cabin air fresheners
    • Disinfectants/cleaners
    • Soap dispensing systems
    • Odour eliminators
    • Multi-purpose cleaners
    • Galley cleaners
  • Insecticides (Permethrin or D-Phenothrin)
    • Cabin one shot or multishot aerosols
    • Cargo hold areas
    • Residual treatment for passenger cabin and cargo hold
  • Exterior cleaners and polishes
    • Heavy duty cleaners
    • Plexiglass/windscreen cleaners
  • Maintenance products
    • Paint strippers
    • Toilet sanitisers and disinfecants
    • Paint spray systems

We would be happy to send a brochure on request